About LSC

The London Sake Challenge is proud to have been judging & rewarding the world’s best sake since 2012. Assessed by industry leading judges (all Certified Sake Sommeliers holding key industry roles both on and off trade) the London Sake Challenge medals are a mark of quality, helping your sake stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

The LSC’s image is reflected in the prestige of its setting: The Millennium Hotel. With this environment our group of elite judges have the perfect setting to meticulously assess each sake.

A focused and rigorous tasting process ensures your sake will receive the time, attention, and care it deserves.

With press coverage from all around the world and numerous success stories the London Sake Challenge medals are increasingly a key to an increased presence domestically and internationally. By simply entering your sake are showcased to our judging panel of international sake experts (importers, wholesalers, buyers, journalists, and other industry leading professionals)

A challenge of the finest quality: recognising & rewarding the world’s best sake.


London Sake Challenge has enjoyed coverage from the UK to Japan since its inception in 2012. Below are just some of the examples of the exposure your sake could benefit from by entering in the London Sake Challenge.

“Competitions such as the International Wine Challenge and the Sake Sommelier Association’s London Sake Challenge, both based in Britain, have raised the drink’s profile among profession-als in the restaurant industry.”

Melinda Joe – Japan Times

“A jury composed of the best sake professionals in the world will award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the best products presented at the event. Sake buyers in UK, Japan and international markets have also been invited.”

Jet Set Times – 23 July 2014

Melinda Joe – Japan Times

“The London Sake challenge has been designed to promote the most outstanding Sakes and bestow the prestige and honour they deserve upon them. A jury formed from the best Sake professionals in the world will award official Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the best products.”

Breaking Travel News “Harrods to bring sake masterclasses to London” – 17 July 2014

Bottle stickers

Have your Sake stand out with bottle stickers showcasing your LSC Award. The stickers provide consumers an instantly recognisable high-quality endorsement on the shelf. Distributing your merchandise to vendors using pre-applied stickers is the best way to ensure your award gets noticed. Please email contact@sakesommelierassociation.com after the competition to order your pre-printed bottle stickers.

Coming Soon!!

We will be featuring web articles of participants & medal winners of the London Sake Challenge on this page soon.

Please send the link of press releases, news, blog to the following email address info@londonsakechallenge.com