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Organised by the Sake Sommelier Association (SSA), the London Sake Challenge is Europe’s oldest sake contest and one of the most prestigious sake competitions globally.
Building on over 7 years of experience, and drawing on the sake expertise of our team of Certified Sake Sommelier Judges including importers, buyers, sommeliers and food and beverage professionals both on and off trade.


Entry to the competition is opened to all types of sake from all over the world. The London Sake Challenge is the challenge for sake breweries from around the world looking to showcase their best sake and gain global recognition of their product.


Consistently covered by the Japanese, British, and international media, the London Sake Challenge is a wonderful opportunity both for those looking to boost the prestige of their product and expand into new markets.


The Next London Sake Challenge will be held on the 19th May 2019.

We believe that judging sake is as difficult as judging wine (if not more so), for that reason our judges are all Certified Sake Sommeliers. The London Sake Challenge has chosen Sake Sommeliers from around the world, resulting in the benefit of international palates and interpretations towards the judging process.


Having spent over twenty years with sake, we at the London Sake Challenge take great pride in our passion and experience. We strive to treat sake with the same love and respect as the master brewers who make it do.


2019 will see the unveiling of our exciting new JAPAN LIFE event!


JAPAN LIFE is a brand new event celebrating Japanese culture and sake! Following on directly from the London Sake Challenge, this is a great opportunity to meet with other lovers of sake and Japanese culture, all while partaking in some of the over 150 sake that will be on offer to try!


If you are interested in attending this event, please register free on our JAPAN LIFE page.

Venue: Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge London
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