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Organised by the Sake Sommelier Association (SSA), the London Sake Challenge is Europe’s oldest sake contest and one of the most prestigious sake competitions globally. The London Sake Challenge, established in 2012, pioneered a new style of alcohol competition in Europe: the first to focus exclusively on sake. This year, we will again be breaking new ground by hosting the first ever virtual London Sake Challenge. This year’s event takes place virtually in mid-August after an extended entry period.


Building on years of experience, and drawing on the sake expertise of our team of Certified, Advanced and Master Sake Sommelier judges; the London Sake Challenge seeks to identify and celebrate the very best that the sake world has to offer.


The London Sake Challenge competition is opened to all types and designations of sake from every corner of the world. This year though, there are two new categories for entered sake to win awards in:


  • To celebrate 2020 as the year of wine (Vin Sur Vingt! in French), and the Japanese celebrations that had been expected this year due to the Olympics; the London Sake Challenge is proud to open its doors this year to not only sake, but also submissions from Japanese Wine Producers!
  • With every iteration of the London Sake Challenge hosted, the SSA is delighted to receive more & more entries from breweries based outside of Japan. As love and appreciation for sake grows globally, the SSA would like to celebrate emerging international breweries and the synergy of new cultures with sake. To best commemorate sake from these new breweries, we will be opening a New World Sake category!


Consistently covered by the Japanese, British, and international media; the London Sake Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for those looking to boost the prestige of their product and expand into new markets.

We believe that judging sake is as difficult as judging wine (if not more so), and for that reason our judges are all Certified, Advanced and Master Sake Sommeliers. In order to prioritise the health & safety of our sommeliers, this year’s judges have all been selected from UK-based sake sommeliers. The SSA has still ensured that our judges represent a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds to provide entrants with the benefit of international palates and interpretations towards the judging process.


We at the London Sake Challenge take great pride in our passion and experience. We strive to treat sake with the same love and respect as the master brewers who craft it.

Our discerning Sake Sommelier from around the world


London Sake Challenge 2020 Announced!


Due to the difficulties caused by Coronavirus, this year‘s event will take place virtually in mid-August after an extended entry period.


This year’s competition is will also open up two new categories: Japanese Wine and New World Sake. These categories will be looking to award some of the finest wines & liqueurs created in Japan; and the exciting new sake being created across the world!


To enter your products into the competition, or to find out more information,
please see our How to Enter page here.

The 2019 London Sake Challenge successfully took place at the Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge.
28 sake sommeliers from all over the world joined us on this spectacular event to assess the selected sakes by blind tastings and evaluate the design of labels and bottles.
Here is the flash report of the Platinum winners.
Brewery Product Name Prefecture Category
Yagi Shuzobu Co., Ltd. Yamatan Masamune Junmai Daiginjo Matsuyamamii Ehime Junmai Daiginjo
KAGANOI SAKE INC Tokubetsu-Junmai MUTSUMI Niigata Junmai
Raifuku shuzo CO.,LTD Raifuku Tokubetsujunmaisyu Misatonishiki Ibaraki Junmai
Sato Shuzo Co.,ltd Taiko Tokubetsu Junmai sake Shiga Junmai
Yamamotohonke Co.,Ltd Jnumai Kaguyahime Kyoto Junmai
Nishiyama Shuzojo Co.,Ltd. Baishinshunju Hyogo Umeshu
Otokoyama Honten Co., Ltd. Sotenden Junmai Daiginjo Miyagi Junmai Daiginjo
Usui Souten Co.,Ltd Seisyu Hakubanishiki Daiginjo Urarasyu Nagano Daiginjo
Shimonoseki Shuzo CO.,LTD. KURABITO NO JIMANSAKE Yamaguchi Junmai Ginjo
Kasumitsuru Co., Ltd. Kimoto Junmai Kasumitsuru Hyogo Junmai
Yoshikawa-touji no Sato LTD Tenkeiraku Tokubetsu Junmai(Gohyakumangoku) Niigata Junmai
Nambu Sake Brewery Inc MISATONISHIKI JUNMAIDAIGINJO Fukui Junmai Daiginjo
KAWAZU SAKE BREWING COMPANY Junmaidaiginjou Hanayuki Kumamoto Junmai Daiginjo
Katsuyama Supreme SAKE Co.,Ltd Katsuyama Junmai Ginjo Lei Miyagi Junmai Ginjo
Katoukichibee Shouten Born:Wing Of Japan Fukui Junmai Daiginjo
Watanabe Sake Brewery Hourai Junmaiginjo Kadentezukuri Gifu Junmai Ginjo
Yagisyuzo co,.ltd Torotoro-no-umesyu Nara Umeshu
Lucy Wilson from Kanpai Sake won the Young Sake Ambassador 2019 award.
For further details, visit the SSY website.

At JAPAN LIFE was a great success as well.

2020 Virtual Venue
2019 Venue: Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge London
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