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Organised by the Sake Sommelier Association and judged in London’s at Harrods’ prestigious wine department the London Sake Challenge is Europe’s only dedicated sake competition.

This years competition was held on 22nd August 2016.

Sake importers, wholesalers, buyers, journalists, and other industry leading professionals (all qualified Sake Sommeliers) from around the world unite in London to recognise and reward the very best sake.

Consistently covered by media both in Japan and abroad the London Sake Challenge is a wonderful showcase for those looking to expand into new markets as well as renew interest in established ones.

The results for London Sake Challenge 2016 have been announced.

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discerning sake sommelier from around the world

We believe that judging sake is as difficult as judging wine (if not more so), for that reason our judges are all Certified Sake Sommeliers. The London Sake Challenge has chosen Sake Sommeliers from around the world, resulting in the benefit of international palates and interpretations towards the judging process.

Having spent over twenty years with sake, we at the London Sake Challenge take great pride in our passion and experience. We strive to treat sake with the same love and respect as the master brewers who make it do.

Enter now for your chance to win a coveted LSC Medal. Winning sake receive 200 complimentary medal stickers, detailed tasting notes, and marketing support (including social media exposure throughout the year). By simply entering your sake will be showcased to industry leading professionals both on and off trade.

Introducing our head judges from previous years of London Sake Challenge

Haruo Matsuzaki Haruo Matsuzaki Profile:

Haruo Matsuzaki is an independent sake journalist and consultant, and serves as Chairman of Japan’s Sake Export Association. He is currently a columnist for three Japanese Magazines and has several books to his credit: “Nihonshu Guide book: Tastes of 1635 (A guidebook of 1635 kinds of different sake)”, “Shin-meishu Kikou (Travels in Search of Unknown Sake)”, “Nihonshu no Text 1&2 (textbooks for studying sake)” as well as “Nihonshu Shoumishi,” written in Chinese and published in Taiwan. He holds several seminars each month geared toward helping consumers understand what sake is. They are held not only in Tokyo, but also in many other cities around Japan. He has also won the Junsui Nihonshu Kyokai (Pure Sake Association) Sake Tasting Contest, an unprecedented number of more than 30 times.

Corinne Mui Corinne Mui Profile:

Corinne Mui is the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Wine Educator of Asia Wine Service and Education Centre (AWSEC), the winner of Riedel Trophy for WSET Educator of the Year for 2013. AWSEC is a full time independent wine school pioneers for 20 years in Asia. She is a Certified Sake Sommelier and Educator to teach Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) courses after an intensive training in Japan. She has gained qualifications and certified educator for WSET Diploma, A+ Australian Wine School, Barossa Wine School, International Sommelier Guild (ISG) and many more. She is also the Greek wine Ambassador in Asia for Greek wine government. Corinne is dedicated to share her wine experiences and discoveries through her teaching. She also represented various governments at Vinexpo and major International wine fairs. In addition to wine education, Corinne has also been involved in wine judging competitions, wine writings and events.


Joan Lim SINGAPORE Martin Ayotte CANADA
Maximilian Fritzsch GERMANY Roland Eble SWITZERLAND
Philippe Lutcher FRANCE Pete Pedrick UK
Joe Warwick UK Fong Yee Wong NETHERLANDS
Atilio Falco ARGENTINA Peter-Charles Udom USA
Carlos Morante SPAIN Maija Juusela FINLAND
Keiko Yamamoto JAPAN Stephan How AUSTRIA
Suvad Zlatic AUSTRIA Lau Ho Man HONG KONG
Wojciech Cyran POLAND Stanley Chang KOREA
Clara Rubin UK Yang Gutschera CHINA
Noel Pusch SWITZERLAND Christian Maspes ITALY
Alexander Prede GERMANY Kaori Ishii Norway
Alex Down UK Jean-Paul Choi LUXEMBURG
Siméon Molard FRANCE Julien Casorla FRANCE
Gerard Basset UK Naoyuki Torisawa JAPAN
Cathie Jikiun NORWAY Francisco Nevot SPAIN
Reinhard Pohorec AUSTRIA Jóna Sigurðardóttir ICELAND

This is a short list of sake sommeliers from around the world.

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Deadline for participation: Friday 29th July 2016
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