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Organised by the Sake Sommelier Association, the London Sake Challenge is one of the most prestigious sake competitions globally and is, in fact, Europe’s oldest sake contest.
Building on over 6 years of experience, and judged blind solely by Certified Sake Sommeliers, the London Sake Challenge is THE challenge for sake breweries from around the world looking to showcase their best sake.

Sake collectors, aficionados, distributors, importers, journalists, and enthusiasts gather annually in London to witness the very best sake from every corner of the globe being rewarded for their excellence in brewing across the main sake designations.

Consistently covered by the Japanese, British, and international media, the London Sake Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for both those looking to expand their sake into new markets and those who wish to reinvigorate their existing markets.

The next London Sake Challenge will be held Spring 2019.
This year’s London Sake Challenge provided a feast of sake tasting opportunities for judges that is rarely seen anywhere in the world. With entries from Japan, London, U.S.A and New Zealand to name a few,  it was a thrilling and educational experience for those involved in the judging process to encounter such wide-ranging expressions of sake from across the globe. 

Overall quality amongst the entries was consistently good. This highlights the dedication and commitment which producers are expanding to craft delicious experiences for consumers. Our Platinum winners are really outstanding examples of their type, and in many cases, were the subject of long deliberation by the judges. Sake lovers can expect a real treat when they enjoy them and these winners deserve special congratulations.

Thank you to all of the breweries who entered this year’s competition. As Sake Sommeliers, the opportunity to be collegiate is always welcomed and competitions like this can only help us to broaden our understanding of the subject whilst providing an opportunity to communicate our experience with breweries.

Until next year…..Kampai!

Shane Jones, Chair judge of London Sake Challenge 2018


25 November 2018,

 London Sake Challenge 2019, sake entry is now open.

Date: Sunday 19th May, 2019

Venue: Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge

Entry is from here. 

JAPAN LIFE event will take place after the competition.




20th June 2018

London Sake Challenge 2018, Results are officially announced. For the 2018 Results page click here.

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discerning sake sommelier from around the world

We believe that judging sake is as difficult as judging wine (if not more so), for that reason our judges are all Certified Sake Sommeliers. The London Sake Challenge has chosen Sake Sommeliers from around the world, resulting in the benefit of international palates and interpretations towards the judging process.

Having spent over twenty years with sake, we at the London Sake Challenge take great pride in our passion and experience. We strive to treat sake with the same love and respect as the master brewers who make it do.

Enter now for your chance to win a coveted LSC Medal. Winning sake receive 200 complimentary medal stickers, detailed tasting notes, and marketing support (including social media exposure throughout the year). By simply entering your sake will be showcased to industry leading professionals both on and off trade.